Experience Your Culinary Journal with Korean Food in Hilton Hotel Bandung.

Last week I got a chance to try some Korean food presented by Hilton Hotel Bandung. This is my first time to taste 3 dishes directly from the Korean Chef, Daniel Chong.

Daniel Chong

Daniel Chong has 8 years of culinary experience in China, Indonesia, and United States and of course Seoul. This is the 2nd time he was here following last year sucess of this culinary event.

Chef Daniel cooked 3 dishes for us :
●Steamed Cockle with Soy Sauce ( Ggo Mak Muchim).
●Shrimp with Pine Nut Sauce &Tofu (Daeha Jatjeup Chae).
●Fish Pancake ( Saeng Sun Jeon ).

Let’s review all of three dishes !
The First One is :

●Steamed Cockle with Soy Sauce ( Ggo Mak Muchim)

Ggo Mak Muchim

This dish is like an Appetizer for me because you can’t eat it with rice. The ingredients also similar like any other Korean food which is sweet but little bit spicy. For me is like eating kimchi but this one is sweet.

●Shrimp with Pine Nut Sauce &Tofu (Daeha Jatjeup Chae).

Daeha Jatjeup Chae

This one also one of my Favorit dish, because I love Seafood specially this one. The shrimp cooked with Pine Nut Sauce and little bit Yuza Sauce. And also served with tofu under the shrimp. I can feel the freshness of the shrimp blend with the Pine Nut Sauce and the salad.

The Last one is :
●Fish Pancake ( Saeng Sun Jeon ).

Saeng Sun Jeon

This dish is very simple to cook. It’s only a fish coated with flour and end up with white egg. Pan fry on sizzling hot pan each side and the fish cake is ready to serve. The unique is, with all the simple ingredients you can make an awesome dish ! Thanks to Chef Daniel.

I would like to say thank you so much for Hilton Hotel Bandung for such a great experiences here and i can’t wait for another culinary journal with Hilton Hotel Bandung.

Price :
Rp.230,000 ++

Location :
Hilton Hotel
Jl.H.O.S Tjokoraminoto No.41-43 Bandung 40171.
Telphone : +62 22 8606 6888
Email : reservation.bandung@hilton.com
Website : http://hilton.com.


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